Our History as a Heavy Civil Construction Company


WM. J. Keller Construction Corp. was founded in 1930 by William J. Keller, Sr. and his wife, Barbara C. Keller. They had three sons, William J., Jr., Robert L., and John D., Sr. During the beginning years of business, the company concentrated on mostly local residential and light commercial excavating in the Capital District area of New York State.

1950's and 1960's

In the late 1950’s and through the 1960’s, the company added utility work (sewer, storm, water and horizontal earth jacking/boring) to its line of endeavors. The company incorporated on March 10, 1969, under the name of WM. J. Keller & Sons Construction Corp.. By this time the elder’s three sons had become very active and were named as officers of the corporation, along side of their father. The officers were: Wm. J. Keller, Sr. – President; Wm. J. Keller, Jr. – Vice President; John D. Keller, Sr. – Secretary; and Robert L. Keller – Treasurer


Shortly after its incorporation, the company expanded further into the Heavy and Highway market, and obtained its first contract with the NYSDOT. The company continued to broaden its scope of work into such areas as complex reinforced concrete structures, bridges, and dam reconstruction. As the aptitude of the company grew, so did the type of clientele, e.g. U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, local municipalities and utility companies, private light/commercial industry, and educational facilities.


During the 1970’s, there was more and more emphasis placed on the infrastructure, and the company followed suit, building highways and bridges throughout New York State from Greene and Columbia counties, north to the Canadian Border, and west as far as Rochester. The company has built all types of bridges, including structural steel (rolled beam & plate girder), prestressed concrete, laminated timber, bolted steel truss, prefabricated truss, prefabricated pedestrian (steel or wood), precast arch, precast box culverts, and multi plate arch and box culverts.


In 1991, the company was deeply saddened with the passing of its’ Founder and President, William J. Keller, Sr., and his position of President of the Corporation remained vacant in his memory until February 7, 2007. September 1997 produced yet another milestone of the company, with the opening of an office in Raleigh, NC. The same principle areas of endeavors are carried out at this location, with construction projects having been completed reaching north into the State of Virginia.


In November 1999, the company was called upon by the City of Albany Department of Water & Water Supply, to make repairs to their system on an emergency type basis. The company was awarded a Contract for this work in January 2000, and every year since to the present, and have contract extensions through the year 2026.


Likewise, in April 2000, the Greene County Highway Department named WM. J. Keller & Sons Construction Corp. as one of three Miscellaneous Emergency Bridge Contractors after a pre-qualification carried out by the County. The Contract was for an initial period of two (2) years. The County has since renewed our contract for the fourth time, the current term running for three (3) years ending in 2018.


In the 2000s the company has also been called upon by other local municipalities such as the Village of Castleton, City of Rensselear, East & North Greenbush, and the Town of Pittstown, to make repairs to, or work on their infrastructure on an emergency time and material basis. We are also one of the Emergency Contractors for the Town of Clifton Park. Other entities such as G.E.G.R.C. (Niskayuna), Albany Housing Authority, Saint Gobain Abrasives, Scotia ANG, and DCG Development also request our emergency time and material services. We pride ourselves in adjusting to our client’s individual needs, and treating them in a fair and equitable manner.


On February 6, 2007, William J. Keller, Jr., Vice President, retired, and a special Board of Directors Meeting was called to order to elect new officers, including John D. Keller, Jr. and Kevin J. Keller, who are third generation Kellers. At this meeting, the Office of President was filled for the first time since the death of the Company’s Founder. On March 10, 2015, Robert L. Keller, Secretary, retired, and a Board of Directors Meeting was called to order to elect new officers. At this meeting, the office of Secretary was filled by Jo-Anne Alessio.


On January 14th, 2020, A special board of directors meeting was called to order for the appointment of new officers. At this meeting the following persons were elected to the office(s). President – John D. Keller, Jr. Vice President – Jameson Phillips Secretary – Jo-Anne Alessio Treasurer – Richard Mulvey


The company is thriving under its current leadership. We’ve grown immensely over the last 10 years. We have over 20 very talented field crews and over 230 pieces of equipment. Our workload and project accomplishments have outpaced our expectations year after year. We continue to bid on public/private work that we can perform in house including: site work, concrete foundations, carpentry, masonry, utilities, earthmoving, directional drilling, water control, technical waste water and water pumping stations to name a few.

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